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[EN] The Key to Unlocking Mathematical Success

You have to be honest, mathematics has a bit of a reputation for being difficult and boring, despite its importance in life. Teachers are too familiar with the stress and demotivation of those students who are struggling with math and gradually falling behind. Although most students try to understand the topic and teachers want to help everyone, it can be difficult to give personalized attention to each student when there are 30 in a single class.

But teachers, don't lose hope yet! We have good news, there is a key to unlocking math success, and it's having fun. Yes, games can remove the mental blockage! Platforms like 99math offer an effective learning tool to transform the math classroom and make real progress. This will result in happy students, teachers and parents.

It is no surprise that children love to play, but how is it that games give tangible results in math? First, the exciting math games catch and hold students' attention, which is half the battle. Teachers take on the role of hosts and can choose the theme of each game, which does not last more than five minutes. Children join games from their personal devices, such as smartphones or tablets. After competing, everyone sees the results and teachers will also receive a detailed analysis of each student's performance.

This process has benefits for both students and teachers. Children have the opportunity to play with their peers and the competitive element encourages them to continue playing and learning. They receive instant feedback and are motivated by the feeling of winning or the urge to do better. Teachers can use the data to identify the areas where further development is needed and plan games accordingly. The games are then generated automatically depending on the chosen topic, which eliminates the preparation that teachers normally have to do themselves. Furthermore, the games are linked to the curriculum to strengthen math classes.

Learning does not have to end in the classroom, teachers can encourage students to continue learning from home. You can use 99math virtually among friends, or even choose an opponent from the global community to play, have fun, and compare scores. Your students will be begging you for more and will show you a level of focus for math you had only dreamed of! 99math combines fun and learning with impressive results and big smiles.

Help your students unlock their math success and walk forward with!


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