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[EN] The 5 Best Apps to Teach from Home

It's fair to say that COVID-19 has derailed or at least diverted the majority of plans that 2020 had in store. For schools and institutions it’s been a rollercoaster trying to adapt to closures and restrictions as best they can. With uncertainty still in the air, many educators (teachers, parents and guardians included) are turning to online resources such as applications and platforms as teaching tools. Read on to discover our list of useful apps on a range of subjects, to help cultivate an effective and interactive path ahead.

1. 99math

The platform 99math offers kids a fun way to make progress in math through competitive games and tournaments between peers, friends or even the global 99math community online. Teachers or parents host the competitions and players login from their own device at home to take part. Kids love the exciting games and taking on their friends, which motivates them to keep playing and effectively learning math. The adult in charge simply chooses the topic for games and the content is generated for them, cutting all that prep time. Each topic conveniently links into school curriculums plus detailed reports are sent to the game host, helping to identify the strengths and challenges of each learner.

2. GoNoodle

With quarantines and safety measures against COVID encouraging us into the home space, it’s important to actively avoid succumbing to a sedentary lifestyle. Staying active helps to maintain a healthy body and mind, with exercise releasing mood-boosting hormones such as serotonin and endorphins. GoNoodle is an app that invites participants to move their bodies while learning, which is also great for kinesthetic learners who can’t keep still! The app creates mindfulness and movement videos based on all school subjects that are suitable for kids and teens. Using cool music videos, educational rap songs and brightly dressed presenters, GoNoodle entertains and teaches learners while recognizing their physical health and emotional well-being as priorities.

3. Kahoot!

Kahoot! lends a helping hand when it comes to remote teaching and distance learning English language. The platform allows teachers and parents to create their own grammar and vocabulary-based quizzes, or they can search for pre-made games by other educators on a variety of topics. The games can be hosted live by teachers or assigned for personal study time at home, so learners can take it at their own pace. To play, students log in from their personal devices with a pin number and compete with classmates. Scores are displayed on the teacher’s leader board to add a visually competitive element and kids also love the fun background music!

4. Professor Astro Cat’s Solar System

Is an educational app with a scientific slant, using animations, music and games to help kids learn about the solar system. Presenters Astro Cat and sidekick Astro Mouse take learners on a fact-filled (and visually impressive) space mission, allowing kids to explore the vastness of space from home, using just the tip of their fingers! Scientific facts are presented through pop-ups with illustrations to learn about the planets, moons, spacecraft and everything in between. Quiz games then put this newfound knowledge to the test and encourage learners with opportunities to win medals and unlock parts to be able to build their own rocket. This app inspires your mind to fly far beyond the restrictions of quarantine, while learning about the solar system.

5. - Creative Challenges

Is an educational app and learning community where kids can watch a wide collection of how-to videos and get inspired choosing a creative project to complete at home. The types of creative challenges are diverse so there’s something for everyone; from drawing, photography, animation, cooking, music, coding, to slime - you name it! There are even how-to videos on how to plan and conduct science experiments. Each project includes an introductory video, a series of how-to videos and a challenge prompting kids to have a go themselves at home. On top of the project’s ideas and tutorials, the app is made interactive by a social media component (kids-only), which allows users to share their projects with other learners. The adult in charge also receives email updates about their learner’s activity and a separate link to manage the account.

So, there you have it, five useful and interactive apps to help your students keep motivated, having fun and learning from home. Online apps and platforms offer a unique opportunity for teachers and students to engage from a virtual perspective and keep developing their academic side safely and effectively.


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